Mastering Your Mindset

Mastering Your Mindset
Photo Credit: Cody Black

Your mindset is the single most determining factor to living a limitless life and achieving your dreams. To get where you want to go, you have to be ready for the many curve balls that will inevitably come your way. It’s imperative to learn how to dodge what you can and how to bounce back from the ones that knock the wind out of you. Moves like these are easier said than done because they take mindful practice to execute, but once you’ve mastered the skill, you’ll be an unstoppable force. You’ll be able to deal with challenges in an optimistic and powerful way.

Remember, nothing stays the same—not even you. You cannot expect your situation to change if you’re not willing to grow as a person. So, instead of a fixed mindset where you feel stuck and bombarded with obstacles, you need to acquire a growth mindset that allows you to adjust, pivot, and conquer whatever lies in front of you. You need to become resilient.

You can achieve this life-impacting mindset, but it takes practice and the willingness to open yourself up to new ways of thinking. Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Find the Positive

You either win or have the opportunity to learn from every situation, so always look on the bright side.

Without a doubt, you will face challenges and obstacles along the way to living limitless.

No one ever said the road was easy. If it were, everybody would be living life to its fullest, but most never do. Yet, if you master your mind, you can choose to be the exception and go against the grain.

Where most people would crumble when faced with a bad experience, let each hurdle serve as a teaching point and recognize that with each challenge you overcome, you grow into a better person.

When you begin to look on the bright side, you’re not emotionally weighed down by your shortcomings. When you train yourself to look for the positive outcome despite all, you begin to see life in a new perspective and challenge yourself to push past your self-defined limits.

Get Uncomfortable

If you want to master your life, you can’t be afraid of taking risks.

With a fixed mindset, you’re more likely to play it safe sitting on the sidelines instead of jumping headlong into the game. Let’s be honest, sitting on the sidelines gets you nowhere. All you can do from the sidelines is just watch while life passes you by. Instead of settling for sitting, get outside of your comfort zone and play as if you’re were in the Olympics giving it your all. This is the attitude you need to cultivate a champion’s mindset.

You only have one life, so why not challenge yourself to attempt the new and experience the unknown? As a result, you’re guaranteed to benefit from the experience one way or another.

Those who stay within their comfort zone often settle for less in life because they’re afraid to take risks. If you dare yourself to step out of your comfort zone, then what was once uncomfortable will become doable.

Love Your Losses

Part of taking risks is being able to learn from your mistakes. Consider each loss a blessing because it serves as a lesson of what not to do next time. For example, if you’re a startup, you must go where your audience is. So, you may switch from one social platform to the next to get your message out to the right niche. You’ll try various marketing tactics and guaranteed not all will be successful. The key is to embrace your losses and keep moving on.

Stay Curious

The more you know, the more you grow.

By having a thirst for knowledge, you are constantly growing as a person and developing a growth mindset. Seize every opportunity to try new things that interest you or will one-up your skillset. Find a new hobby that makes you happy. Enroll in that course you’ve always wanted to take. Sign up for the next exercise class. Be spontaneous about it by not overthinking it. Expand your horizons. Challenge yourself to push your limits to see what you’re truly capable of.

Create an Attitude of Gratitude

Being grateful for what you have is a powerful source of momentum. We’re not talking materialistic wealth here. We’re talking about acknowledging and being thankful for the little things in your life like being able to spend time with the people that matter to you most. Being able to hear the seagulls while strolling on the beach. To feel the sun warm your skin on a hot summer day. Or to smell the fresh, earthy aroma of an approaching rainstorm. By noticing and appreciating the tiny details that make your life worth living, you’re enhancing your mind. Remember what you put into the world is what you get back from the world. So, if you’re in a constant state of gratitude you will be in tune with the positivity in your life and in the world around you. And, you will be fostering a mindset which leads to success.

Create Positive Affirmations

Whatever you tell yourself matters more than you think. You need to push away any negative conversations you have with yourself and uproot the limiting beliefs you’ve been keeping because your mindset will reflect whatever information you feed it. That’s why it’s key to fuel your mind with positive information daily.

Affirmations can help you to reprogram your brain and even overwrite deeply rooted limiting beliefs with new, empowering ones. Whatever you tell yourself, you will become. So, choose your words carefully and ban any negative talk.

A positive affirmation would be “I will achieve my dreams and live a limitless life” or “I deserve to live happy and be fulfilled in every aspect of my life.” Take the time to consider who you want to become and what you want to accomplish, and then write your own personal positive affirmations.

Be Healthy Inside and Out

To master your mind, you also need to master your body and soul. If you don’t feel good about yourself inside and out, it will be almost impossible to cultivate a mindset geared for success.

Being healthy all around creates more positive thoughts than negative and gives you the mental and physical energy to perform the daily actions needed to achieve your goals.

You need to keep your spirits high to take the next forward steps in your life. Whether it be personal or business, just showing up every day with the right energy can mean the difference in your success.

It’s time for you to raise the bar in life and nurture a strong and positive mindset. If you have a target, you must secure the mindset that will allow you to achieve it. Right now, if you aren’t currently getting what you want out of life, it’s because you aren’t passionately seeking it. By redefining your perspective and embracing an empowering mindset that is set and ready for success, the more likely you are to attain what you want.