It's easy to think that one person can’t be effective to change the world. With billions of people in the world presently, we often think our role in it is insignificant. However, when there are so many problems in the world that needs solving, you can simply do your part to make a small positive contribution into making the world a better place.

Here's some ways you can make a difference that may not change the world on a large scale but is bound to improve someone else’s life.

Do Volunteer Work

Volunteering is an amazing experience that gets us out of our daily routines and makes us turn our efforts outwards instead of inward. Go and clean up a beach, feed the homeless or volunteer at local events which is a fantastic way to give back to the community!

If you haven’t used it in a year, then consider donating it. When it comes time to get rid of something or buy something new, donate instead! You can make donations online or within your community. Often, they are sent to other countries in need depending on the organization you’re donating to.

Teach Others What You Know

If you’re well versed in a skill or have knowledge that can help others, go out and teach others who want to learn it. Whether it’s teaching someone how to start a business, how to become better at a particular trait, you should always be on the quest to help others. It will make a massive impact in their lives.

Be Present in The Moment

Society has become so engrossed in technology that having real face to face conversations is becoming a rarity. Just think of the last outing you had and how many times you picked up your phone or not actually hearing what the other person said because you were mentally elsewhere. Learn to be present in the moment distraction free. Try to show you really care what the other person is saying and want to listen.

There’re tons of possibilities to make an enormous impact in someone’s life such sponsoring a family in need or a child with their education. You could also sponsor a cause that interests you such as the World Wildlife Foundation to protect endangered animals. These organizations are only a click away and take little time to sign up for. It is a small price to pay to make an incredible difference.

Help Others in Need

If you see someone in need, don’t think twice to stop and help them. If that person were you, you’d hope someone would take time out of their day to help you. Opportunities to help are everywhere. Opening a door, buying someone’s coffee, buying someone lunch, helping a person on the side of the road. There are tons of ways for us to lend a helping hand throughout our day.

Keep Someone Accountable for a Healthier Lifestyle

There are so many people who just need an accountability partner to help them improve their life. Why not just help them get into shape by working out together? Sometimes it’s as easy as giving them clear guidance whereas others, you may need to work out together until they can see how to get the results they want. This will make a significant impact on their lives, and together, you’ll both be on your way to a healthier life.

Serve Others First

We live in a self-centered world because many of us are taught in our early years to do what’s going to make us most successful. Sadly, this can lead us to do things that are only self-serving. It’s time for a change of perspective! Start thinking of how you can put other’s needs first before your own. It could be serving someone food at a table before yourself. Holding a door for someone. See what it’s like to put others’ needs before yours. I promise it feels great.


Of all the items on this list, this is the easiest but goes a long way to brighten someone else’s day. Whether it’s in an elevator, at the gym, in a store, at work or just simply on your daily walk, a nice gesture like a smile could go a long way for someone having a difficult day. It doesn’t even cost you a thing and is considered charity.

These are just some ways you can make a difference in this world. The best part is, it’s contagious. When someone sees you doing good, they will too.